​Enter the temple of relaxation

The Mandri Spa at the Chandi

Asia's secrets of health, beauty and relaxation will be revealed to you at the Mandri Spa. Our professional therapists are ready to pamper and retreat your body and mind. Our Spa services are available not only in our Spa facilities but also on the beach or in your room.

​Relax deeply at the Mandri Spa

Choose from a variety of treatments

Our Mandi Spa treatments leave little to be desired. Choose from relaxing massages, nail care, revitalizing body treatments or our very unique Spa rituals.

​Relaxing aroma therapy massage

This refreshing 60 minute massage treatment uses aromatic oils and a relaxing water flow massage technique that utilizes long strokes, skin rolling, thumb and palm pressure to relieve stress, stimulate your senses and recharge your body, mind and spirit.

​Body wrap

​The ultimate indulgence and wellness for your body. A relaxing 60 minute body wrap with natural fresh products encouraging your blood circulation. As a result you will deeply relax and the body wrap assists your body in removal of toxins.

​Deluxe Spa manicure and pedicure

​A 90 minutes treatment to clean and restore a healthy shine to your nails, and remedy tension and happiness in your hands, legs and feet, with a massage that will leave you feeling as light as air.

​Secret of Chandi

​Indulge in an exhilarating body scrub leaving your skin exfoliated and velvety smooth followed by a 60 minutes body massage of your choice. Finish off with a moisturizing milk bath for long lasting smooth skin effect.

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